Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed welcomes easing Iran sanctions

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed welcomes easing Iran sanctions

Jan 13, 2014                        

(Translation of this article appears in Arabic section)

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has called for easing of sanctions against Iran.

Sheikh Mohammed made the statements in a rare interview with BBC correspondent Jon Sopel.

Asked if the time is now ripe to lift sanctions against the Islamic Republic, Sheikh Mohammed agreed, saying: "Iran is our neighbour and we don't want any problem."

If there is agreement with the Americans and the Iranians, "everybody will benefit," he added.

The comments come as a landmark nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers takes effect January 20.


The Dubai ruler also called for Israel to sign the peace process with the Palestinians, saying such a move would open doors to Israel.

"After the peace process we will do everything with the Israelis, we will trade with them and welcome them - but first sign the peace process."

Sheikh Mohammed also shared his thoughts on the ongoing Syrian conflict, the situation in Egypt and the emirate's plans following the Expo 2020 win. The interview will air on BBC World News on Monday.


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