50 Kilos of Explosives in al-Maamoura Car, Suleiman Lauds Army Efforts

50 Kilos of Explosives in al-Maamoura Car, Suleiman Lauds Army Efforts

A booby-trapped car seized Monday by the army in Dahieh contained around 50 kilograms of explosive material, an army statement said, as President Michel Suleiman hailed the military institution for its achievement.

The vehicle turned out to contain “around 50 kilos of explosives: three landmines, six anti-vehicle grenades, a quantity of TNT, and some 20 kilograms of aluminum powder that is mixed with yellow sulfur and electric fuses,” according to the statement.

“It turned out that the aforementioned car had been sold several times in the past,” the statement added.

The Army Command noted that investigations are ongoing under the supervision of the relevant judicial authorities “with the aim of identifying those involved in this criminal act,” urging citizens in all Lebanese regions to immediately report any suspicious activity.

Meanwhile, President Suleiman hailed the army for seizing the car and lauded its efforts.

“Eid (al-Adha) for the officers and soldiers takes its true meaning from their sacrifices for the sake of the country and civil peace,” Suleiman said, slamming “the plots against the innocent citizens that are aimed at undermining the stability that we are all seeking.”

On Monday evening, the army said an explosive-rigged Grand Cherokee was found in the Beirut southern suburb of al-Maamoura and that military experts dismantled the bomb after cordoning off the area.

At least 53 people were wounded in a car bombing that rocked the Beirut southern suburb of Bir al-Abed on July 9 while 27 people were killed and more than 280 injured in a bomb attack in the Rweiss suburb.

Army troops and security forces deployed in Beirut's southern suburbs – a Hizbullah stronghold -- in September, taking over checkpoints set up by the party in the wake of the two massive bombings.


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