Response to Campsie Police Bomb Threat

Response to Campsie Police Bomb Threat   


Dr Rifi a Local GP, resident and the 2009 NSW Local Hero recipient said "The Australian Muslim Community fiercely condemns extremist actions and the threats of targeting the Police Station in Campsie in the strongest possible terms: It is thuggery, pure and simple. Harassment, threats, and violence are destructive to the fabric of our society. They have a negative impact on community harmony."

In an interview with Channel Ten, Dr Rifi said "It's awful for something like this to happen right here in Sydney, there is no excuse for such actions and behaviour. This threat is likely to have been conspired by an individual or an isolated group.

As a community we have to be mindful not to generalise or stereotype and leave the investigation for law enforcement who are professionals in their field. We hope that they arrest the culprit.”

In response to the recent threats targeting the Campsie Local Command Area and threatening hate messages on the Campsie Police Facebook account and website, Dr Rifi commented that “as always the majority of the Australian Muslim community denounce such criminal acts and condemn the use of violence”.


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