Amir inaugurates Arab Parliamentary Conference today .. AL-Rashed:To host the Kuwait confirms interest in Arab issues

Kuwait hosts 19th AIPU Conference Today

Amir inaugurates Arab Parliamentary Conference today .. AL-Rashed:To host the Kuwait confirms interest in Arab issues

Kuwait hosts 19th AIPU Conference Today


KUWAIT:  Kuwait is to host the 19th Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) Conference headed by Kuwait's National Assembly Speaker, Ali Fahad Al-Rashed, with the participation of heads and representatives of Arab parliaments.

The two-day conference will discuss several topics on the agenda including the union's budgets and programs. The first session will witness the election of head of the conference, deputy and secretary general, in addition to reviewing reports by the AIPU's Head and Secretary General on recent Arab issues.

The second session include the forming of conference committees, consisting of the political and parliamentary relations committee, financial and economic committee, women and children affairs committee, human rights committee, in addition to meetings of the political committee and the financial committee.

Day two of the conference will include the delegation's participation and speeches, committee meetings and the final session, which includes approving the final communiqu{.

Pre-conference meetings were held yesterday, including the Arab Parliamentary Excellence Award organizing committee.

The Kuwaiti parliamentary delegation to the conference will be headed by the Deputy National Assembly Speaker Mubarak Al-Khorainij, MP Ali Al-Omair (Undersecretary), MP Yagoub Al-Sanei (Secretary), MP Saleh Ashour (Treasurer), and members of the executive committee, MP Adel Al-Jarrallah, MP Mubarak Al-Nejada, MP Abdullah Al-Maayouf, and NA Secretary General Allam Al-Kandari.

The 19th AIPU Conference will witness the participation of several regional and international parliamentary organizations as observers represented by the Arab League Secretary General Dr. Nabil Al-Arabi, President of the Arab Parliament Ahmed Al-Jarwan, the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States Secretary General, Dr. Mahmud Erol Kilic, the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) Shura Council Secretary-General Dr. Said Mekedem, and Chairman of the Association of Secretaries General of Arab Parliaments Allam Al-Kandari.

Observers also include President of the Inter Parliamentary Union, Abdulwahed Al-Radhi, Speaker of the House of Councilors Dr. Bedallah Mohammed Al-Sheikh, Head of the regional programs of the UN Development program, Adel Abdulatif, and Secretary General of Asian parliamentary Assembly, Dr. Mohammad Nejad Hosseinian.

Yesterday, Al-Rashid said that hosting this parliamentary event reflects Kuwait's concern over Arab issues. He hoped the outcome of this conference would end all Arab disputes.

Member of the AIPU's charter's amendment committee at the Kuwaiti MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf said that Kuwait seeks to make this conference a success and it will not move any of its personal interests at the top of the AIPU's general agenda.

He told the press that the amendment committee was set up according to recommendations made in a previous AIPU conference to discuss its statutes and rules of procedure.

There were five countries -- Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain, UAE, and Qatar -- that had submitted amendments to adjust the internal rules of the AIPU. Therefore, in this conference these amendments will be discussed then referred to the executive committee. This conference will be the second time hosted, consecutively, by the State of Kuwait. The first was in March 2012.

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union is an Arab parliamentary organization composed of parliamentary groups representing Arab Parliaments. It was born in 1974 and its Constituent Conference was held in Damascus in the same year. It aims at encouraging Arab cooperation through political, professional and other institutions.

In 2004, AIPU was officially announced at Algeria's Arab League Summit and named Damascus its headquarters. The AIPU was always keen to comprise all Parliaments and Shoura Councils in the Arab Homeland regardless of their different forms of representation. Gradually, the membership of the AIPU grew by new affiliations. The AIPU also has maintained good relations with other Arab organizations such as: Union of Arab Journalists, Union of Arab Lawyers, Union of Arab Jurists, General Union of Arab Writers, the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions.

It also held many parliamentary events and seminars where Arab legislators have met and discussed matters of common interests to deepen the concept of democracy in the Arab world.

Internationally, meanwhile, the AIPU shined in its cooperation with the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), an old international parliamentary organization whose history goes back to 1889. The IPU comprises now more than 133 Parliamentary groups from the five continents, in addition to other Parliamentary and non-Parliamentary organizations having the status of observer or associate members. Since its foundation in 1974, the AIPU has been keen to effectively participate in the activities of the IPU, especially after acquiring the status of an observer at the IPU's 61st Conference held in Tokyo in 1974.


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