Al-Rashed expresses "profound sadness" over passing of Baroness Thatcher

Al-Rashed expresses "profound sadness" over
passing of Baroness Thatcher


Kuwait National Assembly Speaker Ali Al-Rashed expressed "profound
sadness" after hearing of the passing of ex-British Prime Minister
Baroness Margaret Thatcher on Monday.

"She was a leader who was known for being one of the biggest
supporters of the legitimate rights of the people," he said in a

Al-Rashed also noted to the late former premier's support of Kuwait
after it was invaded by Iraq on August 2, 1990. "We recall her solid
stance on this, which had a profound effect in ushering combined international
efforts to free the country (Kuwait) from occupation, during which she said
'this occupation will not last'.

"Since that moment, she harnessed the necessary tools and
capabilities to put that historic position into practice - something the
Kuwaiti people look to with great gratitude. She immediately began to work with
international leaders to put a stop to this occupation, providing all possible
assistance, either in the political, military or other domains," he said.

"The Kuwaiti people consider the parting of this woman,
described as the 'Iron Lady' for her tough stances, a great loss to them, to
the free world and all who seek justice and freedom on this planet. Kuwait
remembers these positions in full respect and admiration," he stressed.

"On behalf of Kuwait's National Assembly, the Kuwaiti people
and myself, we would like to convey our most sincere condolences to Baroness
Thatcher's family, Queen Elizabeth II, the British people, the House of Commons
and the British government over her passing. 


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