KSA: Israeli strike on Syria a 'flagrant violation'

KSA: Israeli strike on Syria a 'flagrant violation'

5 February 2013

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia slammed an Israeli airstrike that hit targets near Damascus as a “flagrant violation” against the war-torn country’s territory, Culture and Information Minister Abdul Aziz Khoja said yesterday.

 The Council of Ministers “condemns the Israeli aggression against Syrian territories which it considers a flagrant violation against the territories of an Arab state and against its sovereignty,” SPA reported.

 On Wednesday, an airstrike targeted a facility containing surface-to-air missiles and an adjacent military complex near Damascus believed to house chemical agents, according to a US official.

 Syria’s Defense Minister Fahd Al-Freij said on Monday that Israel’s raid was “retaliation” for successful army operations against rebels, who he branded “tools” of the Jewish state.

“Israel retaliated,” he told state television. “When the Israeli enemy saw that its tools were being pursued, it responded to our military operations against armed groups.”


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