Skaf rapist granted weekend leave

Skaf rapist granted weekend leave

February 2, 2013

One of the Skaf rapists has been granted weekend leave in a move to integrate him back into the Sydney community.

The young man has reached his non-parole period and has been granted day release, which is expected to start in coming weeks.

Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin said the 29-year-old's weekend leave was recommended by the independent Serious Offenders Review Council and also the State Parole Authority.

"External leave is the normal progression for all inmates as they are prepared to reintegrate into the community and it is considered appropriate for this inmate because his non-parole period has expired, he is compliant and has participated in all programs," Mr Severin told AAP in a statement on Saturday.

 "He will be electronically monitored with random spot visits by field officers and must submit to a strict schedule and the supervision of an approved sponsor."

It is understood the man had his name suppressed at his trial, and Judge Michael Finane ordered it never to be lifted due to the man's intellectual and mental disabilities.

His co-accused Mohamed Sanoussi, 28, was denied parole in October last year but the State Parole Authority indicated it would grant parole this year.

His parole will be reconsidered later this year.

They were two of nine young males convicted of the August 2000 gang rapes of young girls at various locations in Sydney.

A total of 14 males took part in the attacks.

Brothers Bilal Skaf and Mohammed Skaf were among the convicted rapists and led the attacks.



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