Saudi Arabia: U.N. Inaction Gave Assad 'Green Light'

Saudi Arabia: U.N. Inaction Gave Assad 'Green Light'

The Saudi Arabian deputy foreign minister said that Security Council inaction on the Syrian civil war gave the Bashar Assad regime "a green light" to attack his own people.

Abdulaziz bin Abdullah told the U.N. General Assembly that the Assad regime was "in a race against time to accomplish its objectives using the most advanced means of killing and destruction."

Opposition groups say more than 30,000 people have been killed since the uprising began with street demonstrations 18 months ago. Egypt has sought to engage the Saudis along with Turkey and Iran in finding a path to end the fighting. So far, the Saudis have not participated and Iranian leaders claim they are trying to put together a working group of non-aligned countries.

The Security Council, meanwhile, has been deadlocked, with Russia and China blocking three attempts to pass resolutions that would sanction Syria.

"We regret that this regime continues to believe that it can proceed with its suppressive procedures to control the situation without any due regard to the high humanitarian losses," Abdulaziz said.


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