A Message of Thanks from the Leader of the Australian Labor Party

Camille --

As we enter the final stretch of the Eden-Monaro by-election, I wanted to send you one last email. Not to ask you to donate, or to volunteer – but to thank you.

This campaign – in the wake of catastrophic bushfires and in the midst of a global pandemic – hasn't been easy.

The Liberals and Nationals have thrown everything they've got at this. They have big bank accounts, but we've got bigger hearts. Money can't buy the kind of community spirit and drive that I've seen from each and every one of you over the past six weeks.

This race is going to be close. We've fought hard because the people of Eden-Monaro can't keep being forgotten by this Government. They need a strong voice in Parliament – and Kristy McBain will be that voice.

So from me, Kristy and the whole Labor family – thank you. For everything.

 Anthony Albanese

Leader of the Australian Labor Party



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