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Australia to join leaders pledge for nature
NSW govt to spend $9m in funding efforts to recycle plastic
Focus on first home buyers this Super Saturday
Students embark on Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship tour
NSW government leads the way as family and domestic violence leave provisions enhanced for all NSW public sector employees
Landmark investment into alcohol and other drug services as part of the response to the ice inquiry
Party in the new year on the Cahill Expressway
$645 Million assistance package for taxi industry
Flags fly as Surf Life Saving patrols begin 
PHIVE has arrived – Parramatta’s newest landmark now open
Regional roadshow gives cricket fans a taste of World Cup action more

Kuwait deserves to correct the path…
Women return to Assembly as Kuwaitis vote for change more

The voting process was conducted transparently and without complaints
Voters in all constituencies of Kuwait place confidence in the democratic process more

More than 90 journalists covering Kuwaiti National Assembly elections
Update on the Kuwaiti National Assembly elections 2022 more

Kuwait's FM writes tribute to Queen Elizabeth in condolence book
Kuwait's FM meets UNGA chief more

Andalus Arabic Choir in Concert at Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Andalus Arabic Choir in Concert at Sydney Conservatorium of Music more

World media spotlight on Kuwait’s “democratic wedding” for National Assembly elections
“A large and distinguished event in Kuwait’s democratic history” editor-in-chief of Tunisian daily Al-Sabah newspaper
“The best democratic example for the countries of the region”. Editor-in-chief of Mauritanian newspaper Al-Sada, 
Young people do not have enough capital to run for the council or cover the costs of that.
The head of the International Co-operation Committee in the Kuwaiti Youth Council more

The "Middle East Times" welcomes the new Superior of Saint Charbel’s Monastery in Sydney, Rev. Father Asaad Lahoud
Congratulations dates for the new Superior of Saint Charbel’s Monastery in Sydney,
the Rev. Father, Asaad Lahoud more

Kuwaiti PM repeats support for rule of law, UN efforts for Ukraine ceasefire
Kuwaiti Amir's representative to the UN, Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah:
"The experiences of modern history have proven to us that peace … will always be the ideal resolution to conflicts." On the conflict in the Ukraine.
"This represents one of the most gruesome examples of human suffering." On the Syrian crisis.
"The government has provided all means necessary to respond to the needs of its nationals, and resolve their predicaments.” On upcoming parliamentary elections more

Putin nuclear weapons threat condemned as Russia mobilises amid fears over power plant
“It is unthinkable and irresponsible that those threats were made,’’ Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong.
“An extremely significant violation of the UN charter.” US President Joe Biden
“We call on the relevant parties to realise a ceasefire through dialogue and consultation and find a solution … as soon as possible,” China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin more

Bowen commits Australia to allowing US investment in clean energy industries
* “We are aligned because we see action on climate as urgent …”
Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen
*Bowen reaffirms importance of Australia-US alliance in taking on
climate change
* We believe we can be a renewable energy hub, a superpower...
Australia has the potential, with the right policies, to be. And to
create all the functions that go with it more

“This national day of mourning salutes a sovereign who served our whole country – and sought to know it.” PM Anthony Albanese
PM Albanese pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at a national memorial service in Canberra more

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